09 January 2011

Snow globe.

We're snow covered out here on the west side again! Just south of us, they got three feet. We weren't quite that lucky, but we certainly had some heavy, heavy snow yesterday. It started in the morning, so we woke up and headed right to the dog park, knowing the pooches love to run around in the snow.

We thought that was it, but later in the afternoon it started up again. And it didn't stop until well after we went to bed. I'm not just talking flurries, either. This was a heavy snow -- the way snow looks in movies where it's so fake that someone is clearly just dumping buckets of fake snow over the camera. From outside our upstairs front window, it looked like we were inside a snow globe.

"Mooooooom! I'm pooooping!"

When we woke up this morning, the sun was shining and everything looked like a fantasy snow land. This may have been the most perfect, beautiful snow.

That nose is always buried in the snow.

The lake even froze last night. Alas, we had Brad's first work post-Christmas party to attend in Indiana today, so we couldn't do any exploring (hopefully it's still frozen tomorrow -- I can't wait to see it up close). But the pooches did get to make one last romp around when we got home... and something about the snow brings out the bunnies. The very brave bunnies. And stupid. Fingers crossed they continue to outsmart these two.

Everything makes George happy.

Stay warm, friends!

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Lady Lisa said...

It is still totally amazing to me, how different the views out our respective windows are. :-) I'm glad you're enjoying your winter wonderland!