30 January 2011

The art of wheeling.

...and just like that, our living room is complete. Thanks to an awesome sale at AllPosters.com, we got a living room's worth of new prints at 20% off. I do love a good sale! Some scrounging in the basement, a trip to Michael's, and some wicked math on Brad's part... and we have framed and hung art. Woo!

At this point, I think all the art in our house is a vintage '20s (or '30s?) print (other than photographs that I've taken). We just love it, and luckily it fits right in with the style of the house and the theme we've gone with. Some of our other prints have been with me since college, including a giant champagne print that I still can't believe I spent $70 on when I was 21 - ha! (The price tag is still on it - double ha!) And my little fat man that Lisa S. got me for my birthday when we were roomies, which is still my most favoritest print.

On the business of prints and frames, we finally got some other prints framed and hung and we now have a fully complete guest bathroom, too.

I got all of these prints a while ago (except for the Southshore print, which I got at our local antique store) from AllPosters, too, also on sale -- each was between $2 and $6. Double triple score! Also love how the bathroom came together. And still in love with the blue, that is so just not me!

After a few week's break, I think we're really on a roll now. We spent this afternoon painting all the white trim in the kitchen in preparation for what will hopefully be a yellow kitchen by the end of next week...

Handy tip, if you aren't already in the know... Lowe's will make paint samples for you, if you don't trust the paint chip (don't trust the paint chip!). And they're only $2. More than worth the agony of hating the color you buy and having to live with it. Plus, if you've just got a small space to attend to, the sample actually goes a long way. We painted our upstairs bathroom with just one sample (remember, we only painted half of each wall). Anyway, it pains me slightly to think of how much total we've spent over the months on paint samples, but again, really worth every penny.

PS, it hasn't snowed in TWO WHOLE DAYS. That being said... there is a warning for Mon-Wed that predicts 21 inches and actually specifies roads that will close for hours. Hmm... (And a little foreboding for Brad's flight that is scheduled to leave Grand Rapids Wednesday morning. Keep your fingers crossed he gets out safely and on time.)


the two of us said...

lookin' good!

you should post before and after pics for those of us too lazy to sift through your old blog entries ;-)

Mrs. Church said...


And that is a good idea! Maybe when we finish the downstairs (and upstairs) I will do a before and after by floor. That would be fun :)

Ceile said...

I think I might utilize your art skills in my house! When you come over for dinner, let's talk about the options!! (assuming the blizzard doesn't keep you from the veggie lasagna)

Mrs. Church said...

He he he I have new boots, so no blizzard is keeping me from lasagna! :) BTW, I'm pretty sure AllPosters is running another 20% off sale right now...