03 January 2011

Best meal of the year.

After two weeks of sort-of meals, nights out, and lots of Quiznos (hey, they sent us a bunch of coupons!), I decided to make a real meal for us last night. After making arepas two years ago and declaring them easy and destined to be oft made, I didn't even really think about doing so again until something sparked a memory the other night. So in between house projects (paint paint and more paint -- pics to come soon!), I whipped up a batch, following the recipe I used in April 08. I did, however, add a scoop of creamed corn as past me advised future me to do. I'm not sure the corn made a difference, but any excuse to eat leftover creamed corn is fine with me.

First I chopped up some tomatoes using the fancy tomato (and cheese) knife my mom got me for Xmas. I was skeptical -- it seemed like a marketing ploy to me -- but it worked like a charm. This little knife is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Next I de-pitted an avocado and prepped it for arepa smearing. Out came the goat cheese, and my assembly line was ready to go. I mixed up my batter and ladled out my cakes.

I made eight total -- four each for two sets. (Sets? ha!)

Pretty pancakes.

Worth noting, in addition to painting, we installed (while, Brad installed) a new light fixture in the dining room, which provides real light. That, combined with the no-more-dingy-yellow walls, provides for much more pleasant pictures.

While these were good... it made me miss Cafe Habana, which I've forgotten about every time I've been back to AA. Friends, help me remember to go there when I come visit next time! Mmm sangria.

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