22 January 2011

Come and knock on our door.

We <3 visitors. Seriously. We are so blessed to have so many friends willing to make the trek to visit us in our new digs. Last night, our friend Alison came to visit, and we had a super awesome time. And it worked out perfectly that we found the Ideal Place last week, too, because it turned out to be the ideal place to take visitors. Did I mention it's also still snowing? Just sayin.

Dinner definitely didn't disappoint, even considering the rolls were just regular old rolls and not rosemary rolls (they were still super tasty). Alison and I started with martinis (pomegranate for her, cosmo for me [discovered they have $5 martini nights every T, W, and Th, if you feel like visiting on a weeknight]), Brad a beer (note, they carry beer made next door at the Livery). Then salads. Then delicious, delicious food. Alison went with the pork tenderloin special, which came with a pesto-blue cheese sauce on top... um... YUM!!!! Note to self: find reason to make and eat pesto-blue cheese sauce. Brad got the three-cheese tortellini (the giant homemade pastas I got last week but in a creamy red sauce). I got the... wait for it... ideal pasta - ha! Oodles of noodles, basil cream sauce, mushrooms, and, yes, peas, which I also ate again this week (perhaps peas are becoming less and less offensive?). I opted for the small portion this week, and it was still more than enough -- although it was so good I definitely could have eaten more. Finally, we three split the cheesecake of the night, a toffee cheesecake that was, of course, perfect. Say it with me... this meal was... ideal! ha ha ha!

Today we have a visitor of a very different sort. The furry and four-legged sort. We're dogsitting Jackson, who is very big, very furry, and very sweet. And we're also breaking the rules and letting him on the couch. Sorry, Chase and Angie. :)

Before our furry friend arrived, I ventured out in the snow (always, me deciding I need to run errands during the heaviest of snows, and today also when I'm sick. Sheesh!) to pick up one thing (a book) and came home with several other things, too.

I am officially old. Or officially a west sider. I'm not sure which is the more appropriate label. But I'm officially whatever finally made me realize that staying warm and dry is much more important than, well, anything. Poofy coat? Check. Furry, waterproof mittens? Check. Furry hat? Check. Waterproof, warm, and cozy boots?

Hello, new Bogs.

I popped into the bootery downtown, and they happened to be having a sale. Because, well, they only had like 20 pairs of any and all boots left at all. Normally, that is the kiss of death. No one ever has 10s, and never ever when there is a sale. Well, there were THREE pairs of boots in size 10. Crazy. When this pair fit, matched my coat, and promised to keep my toes warm and dry in the snow, I figured it was a sign. AND they were on sale. CHECK.

Because my boots were so warm and cozy, I thought I'd walk down the street to my favorite antique store, just to see. Was I sad to find a new, must-have Pyrex? Of course not.

It's the perfect size for a two-person lasagna. And it matches the new decor. It had to be mine. I also stumbled upon something very strange but cute and I knew I had to have it or I would be so sad. Luckily it was only $6.

"What the heck is it?"

Why, it's a turquoise deer vase!

And I can't live without it.
He's already BFF w/ Mr. Fox.

Could this weekend possibly get any better?!


Ceile said...

Where did you get the deer & fox?

Mrs. Church said...

He he he I love my silly little guys! I got the fox back home in Ann Arbor, but I picked up the deer downtown here, at the antique shop by Kilwins, Elephant something or other (it's my favorite in town!).