12 January 2011

Lake. Big lake.

Here's what it looks like outside right now:

Mr. Church comes home for lunch.

More on that later... First, house updates (sick of these yet?!)!

With the exception of some much-needed artwork, the living room has really come together.

Adios, hideous fan (and yellow ceiling).

Hello beautiful fan with remote and dimmer option!
And a lovely rug to tie it all together (and to catch some of the fur tumbleweeds).

Next up, the kitchen. But, in the meantime, I have new kitchen toys to play with. I think I mentioned that Brad ordered me new KitchenAid blender and toaster for me for Christmas. Well, they FINALLY came. And they are so fanceeeee! Ha!

Tangerine... tangerine...

Why yes, that IS a "keep warm" function. And a digital screen.

I haven't tested out the blender yet (but I did buy smoothie fixins!), but the toaster is hilarious. You hit the "toast" button, and it very slowly lowers the bread down like a spaceship. The digital screen has a little countdown while it toasts. And then when it's done, the bread very slowly comes back up while the toaster alerts you with a "beep... beep... beep." I giggled a lot.

Back to the snow. Same as house updates, these will eventually stop, but I'm so in awe of my new surroundings that I just assume everyone is as interested as I am.

I went down to our main beach (Silver Beach) on Monday and was totally surprised by what I saw. The beach, which is pretty flat, was covered in giant rolling hills of snow. Well, guess what? Those weren't hills of snow. And they weren't on the beach. When I fell on my butt, then stepped into a giant crevasse, I realized I was actually ON the lake and promptly high tailed it out of there before I killed myself on enormous frozen waves.

This should have been my first clue.

The first row of frozen waves. You can't even see the water over these beasts!

Finally, a huge CONGRATS to Melissa and Shawn on their new bouncing baby boy!!! I think they should get some sort of prize for kicking off babypalooza '11. :)


Birgles McGee said...

No more yanky my wanky! The Donger need food!

Sara said...

Your living room looks just like me! ;)

And really awesome lake pics!

Mrs. Church said...

It's all part of my master plan to subconsciously convince you to visit! :D