09 May 2010

Pouty mcpout.

As I'm sure you suspected I would... I survived my first week sans Brad. And that means I got to celebrate my first weekend with him home! Hooray! And I dare say my Bradford has already become a west-sider, whining about all the traffic and people in Ann Arbor. He said he didn't miss Ann Arbor at all, but I don't entirely believe that. Especially after we enjoyed some of our favorite AA hot spots this weekend, starting with his favorite meal (churasco chimichurri steak) at Cafe Habana Friday night, a return to Palio after a year's absence Saturday night, and drinks with the guys at Grizzly Peak, our staple for the past several years. Stay tuned to see how we fare as the weeks go on!

Anyway, now that I'm about to start week no. 2., I'm feeling quite pouty. And what's better for feeling pouty than shopping? Especially when it's shopping at TJ Maxx! Woot! Reminder for anyone needing constant sweet scents in your house: TJ Maxx! I didn't go too crazy because I'd just stocked up the other day, but I did snag two giant candles (vanilla fig and vanilla uh some kind of flower [it's over there!!]) that would easily have been $20 at full price. (Random side note: If you get any of those scent-in-a-bottle-with-wooden-sticks-sticking-out doodads, do NOT spill the oil on cheap furniture -- it ate right through the finish on our Target bookcase!) Among other things (it IS TJ Maxx!):

I'm such a sucker for stationary of all kinds. Especially notebooks that have my long-long-long ago nickname on front in yellow. I figure I'll have a job eventually and I can use this to take notes!

I don't need to learn how to knit, obviously, but for $7 I got four little balls of yarn, a new darning needle (I have a cheap plastic one; this includes a nice metal one), and a new set of straight needles -- in pink! They had three different color variations; I grabbed pink and yellow.

Once I was done at TJ Maxx, I decided that I NEEDED one more thing to complete my night of pouting:


And, in case you're curious, a brief look into the Brad-less boudoir:

How we fall asleep.

What I see as I open my eyes in the morning.

Georgie, just cuz.

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Sara said...

Cuteness! That's funny about Brad and the traffic! He should go to Ann Arbor after living here for a week! hahaha