02 May 2010

Just a lonely housewife.

It's fitting that it's raining tonight. I miss my Bradford. I know it's only for five nights at a time, but it's lots of five nights at a time in a row. Other than a handful of work trips on my end, we've hardly ever been apart for this long (and he's never left me for this long boo hoo hoo).

If there is no husband to admire the clean house or eat the delicious dinner, is a housewife still a housewife?!

Aside from the obvious, I'm also afraid of the dark without my Bradford. My work-week mantra: I will not watch scary movies at night. I will not watch scary movies at night. I will not watch scary movies at night.

PS I've already resorted to cereal for dinner (it is at least Raisin Bran, healthy!) and have watched approximately four Lifetime movies this weekend. I should probably kick my own ass.

PSS We visited my mom's today during our open house and the pooches did GREAT! It was their first trip to grandma's and I was so proud. Heidi didn't cause any trouble, and George didn't freak at all. Hooray!

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Sara said...

I can tell you from experience that it's not fun! But you will somehow get through it too! Hang in there!

And that picture of your mom pointing the finger cracks me up.