26 May 2010

All decked out.

Another potential list-check-er-off-er: a fancy grocer! Morning Glory Market, and it's in St. Joe, so wherever we live, it won't be more than five or 10 minutes away. I'm sure it's small, but it's something. I'll go check it out next time I visit (which might be next week).

While we're on the subject, I finished the text part of The Kind Life and whipped myself up a nice vegan meal Monday night.

A salad of romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, and butt beans. Roasted asparagus. And brown rice. I often forget how much I like butt beans, so hopefully I will remember to eat more of them in the future. This did reaffirm that I still hate brown rice. Gross. But, I bought it, so I might as well use it. Lisa Z. suggested making some fried rice with it. That sounds tolerable. I will do that. Blech.

I promptly followed up my earth-friendly meal Monday night with...

A giant ball of mozzarella! HA! I was grumpy Tuesday and I decided Zingerman's mozzarella WOULD make me feel better.

Tomato from Charlevoix, mozzarella, Zingerman's onion roll, and romaine. It totally hit the spot. For lunch today, too. Oh well, I tried. :)

Meanwhile, the house projects continue. While I was in St. Joe last week, f-in-l Bob got bored and decided to stain our deck. Thanks, Bob! But then it kept raining and Bob went to St. Joe, so I did the stairs. Go me! (Just so we're clear, our deck staircase is actually a full-size staircase. Just sayin.)



Go me! And while working my way down, I discovered a little friend who almost got himself painted.

Why hello, Mr. Frog!

I relocated him out of paint's way. But I hope he comes back to visit, of course. And now a quick note on tonight's dinner, my last single-lady dinner for four whole nights!

PB&J and cucumbers. Good thing Brad's coming home, it's hitting rock bottom. Ha! I figure reading while eating and eating outside in the sun classed it up a bit.

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