31 March 2009

German delicious alert.

Today was a good day. I won't bore you with why I've had a case of the crankies, BUT... you know. Anyway, today was just nice. I got my work done quickly this morning, got out of the house for a while to do some volunteer work, my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking came in at the library, and, finally, some REALLY GOOD news... My friend Amy got a job today!! That makes me so happy. :) AND, for the first time since January, I've been willing and able to have... a glass of wine! Ha! So I write to you while I sip a delicious Muscato (thanks, LZ!), my belly full of a very very very delicious dinner.

I could rave all night about my latest recipe find -- one I actually found in 2006 and just got around to trying out. German potato pie. Omg. I followed the recipe, but I did not add caraway seeds (ew) and I only used six slices of bacon. It seemed really liquidy when I put it in the oven, so I was a little nervous. It wasn't until the last 10 minutes or so that it seemed to really thicken up, but all was eventually well.

Gooey, but it's ok!

The finished product.

I cooked up a few simple chicken breasts (I splurged and got us organic.... sigh... I feel so much better about myself -- ha!) with salt, pepper, sage, and some spicy brown mustard, poured us some wine, and it was time to eat!

Messy but delish!

Seriously, this recipe gets FIVE STEPH STARS! (ha!) I don't know if it's the sauerkraut that I used, but it is very mild in this recipe (in case you aren't crazy about sauerkraut [but don't hate it, of course; you can still taste it]). It's not overly rich (although Brad seemed to think it was more filling than I did... Hmm...) and just has a very subtle, nice taste. The potato is the dominant flavor, but the bacon adds a nice smoky touch in the background (I even broke down and bought real bacon, which ended up not having any more fat than turkey bacon). I could easily eat this as a meal, but figured it would be more figure friendly to serve it as a side dish (in which case it serves up probably six to seven servings). Have I convinced you yet?

Off to have a piece of peanut butter bread for dessert!

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Sara said...

I will file that one away for "when company comes". Maybe substitute the bacon for kielbasa and have a Polish Pie. No?

You'll be amused that this morning I watched Rachel Ray and then tonight went to the grocery store and made "Italian flag chicken". Of course Matt picked the tomatoes off, but he did eat it.