02 April 2009

Everyone loves a good 'loaf.

Just a quick loafy post in case anyone is looking for an easy turkey meatloaf recipe that actually doesn't taste like blah. I've had this old Cooking Light recipe for skinny turkey-spinach meatloaf laying around for years, and I finally tried it out last night. 1 lb packages of (Italian-seasoned) ground turkey were on sale, so I used all turkey and no beef (but I can only imagine adding the 1/2 lb of beef adds to the flavor, so I might try it next time). I was also feeling particularly lazy and didn't saute the onions, just put 'em in raw.

I've never tried out the pan-less loaf method before, so I was a little nervous... Especially since I SUCK at numbers... 12 inches? 5 inches? Who the hell knows! Ha! So I estimated... I think I got the length right but made it a little too thick -- excuse the poor-quality photo, but you get the gist:

The recipe estimates a cooking time of 45 minutes, but for whatever reason(s), mine took a little longer to get to 160 degrees -- I'd guess pretty close to an hour. But it came out lookin' tasty! Ok, it's not pretty. But I knew it would be tasty, right?

...that's a little puddle of fat you'd usually eat because it'd get cooked right into the loaf. Yum!

It was a big hit (especially with a big ole pile of mashed potatoes) -- even my dad liked it, and he is BEEF BEEF BEEF to the core. Super flavorful, light-ish, and hey, it's got spinach, so it's double the healthy. So, like I said, if you're lookin... I'm recommending!

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