02 March 2009

Get that poor boy a sandwich.

It's been a funny kinda month. Well, I guess I should say it was a funny kinda month -- it's March now. Where does the time go? Today starts my sixth week of being laid off.... I can't even believe it. And I've got very little (ok, nothing) to show for it. I guess this means I'm a proven procrastinator! :)

The good news is that I'm feeling much better. Not perfect, but much much better -- and my brain doesn't feel like total mush, so I'm "feeling" like a real person again (I've even braved the treadmill twice!). Needless to say, February wasn't a good month for cooking, hence the lack of posts and probably the seemingly endless pounds the hubby keeps dropping. Thanks to him for enduring random meals of English muffin pizzas and chicken sausages with mashed potatoes.... We have managed to treat ourselves a few times, though, which is nice and helps things to feel somewhat normal.

We received a bunch of random coupons for Brad's birthday from Mancinos, so last Tuesday we had a grinder date night followed by yummy Frostys (Frosties?) for dessert. Saturday afternoon Brad tempted me with Zingerman's brunch, and, despite my better judgment, I simply had to give in. And what a treat it was -- I ordered the eggs benedict, which I've never technically had. I've had the salmon eggs benedict at Afternoon Delight, but w/o the sauce, so basically just poached eggs, right? Anyway, it was love at first bite. The Roadhouse plops the two poached eggs (seriously, to be able to poach an egg that perfectly) on thick crusty bread and slices of what tastes just like prosciutto -- the perfect little salty bite. I gobbled it up and probably could have eaten a second order. Now, I just need to convince Brad that breakfast for dinner is a good idea, then I'll give this a go on my own.

Anyway, sunday I went to the grocery store (one thing I canNOT get used to is shopping at Meijer... I know it's fine, I just grew up at Meijer -- my dad worked there most of my childhood and EVERYTHING was Meijer, I spent my Saturday mornings at Meijer... Meijer Meijer Meijer. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I miss my Plum Market.), and since I've been trying to work more fish into our diets, I hit the (pathetic) fish counter. The catfish looked least horrible, and I do love catfish, so I snagged a couple of fillets for us.

I got home, ate a banana, and realized I had two more bananas. Dammit, I wanted to bake! HA! I really wanted to make banana cornbread, but it turns out cornmeal does go bad. Oops. Back to the drawing board. I just wanted a simple and easy banana bread, and I found this recipe. Nothing special, and I'm sure most people just KNOW how to make banana bread, but I had all the ingredients for this one, so I went to town. Only adjustment -- I used one egg and 1/4 cup applesauce (instead of two eggs). While that was baking, I got to work on dinner.

I had the fish, but I'd also bought a few baguettes, and I do love me a sandwich. I decided to pan fry the catfish and make us some po boys. Yum! I found this recipe for a basic guideline, but I had to adjust for lack of ingredients. I basically threw 1/3 cup cornstarch, 1 cup flour, and a palmful or so of blackening seasoning into a bag along with a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Onto the skillet they went. (With a few more splashes of Tabasco directly on the fish for good measure!)

Funny story: I don't like pickles. Well, I do, but, well, you know the old story. Anyway, I definitely don't like relish. In fact, ew, yeah, I can't even begin to imagine thinking about eating relish. I also don't like mayonnaise. But something about the two.... combined into a delicious tartar sauce... Yeah, I know, I'm a silly girl. Luckily, I had relish and mayo on hand for just such an occasion, and I whipped up some of my own tartar sauce. 1/2 cup mayo, about 2 tablespoons of relish, salt and pepper, and a splash of lemon juice. Mix mix mix.

Time to assemble! If I'd of had it, some shredded lettuce would have been a nice addition, but overall I can't complain.

The fish turned out really well (always a crapshoot, as far as I'm concerned), and I actually guessed pretty well approximating the blackening seasoning and the Tabasco. Not too blackened, not too spicy, just perfect. And I didn't even set the fire alarm off again (there was a salmon incident a few weeks ago....). The fish, the tartar sauce, the baguette. I really enjoyed this meal. The only downside -- the baguette, while fresh, was probably a little tougher than ideal -- a softer bun would be the better way to go (half of Brad's sandwich ended up in his lap!). The best part -- leftover fish for a mini po boy today for lunch. Lucky me! Mmm.

Finally, for dessert.... the banana bread! Which turned out beautifully.

Looks loafy!

My only complaint is that I was probably just a few tablespoons short of the full banana requirement... and you can taste it a little bit. Nonetheless, it turned out moist and tasty, so I was pleased. It was yummy for dessert last night, and I had a warm, buttered slice for breakfast this morning.


Now.... what to make for dinner tonight?? :)

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Lady Lisa said...

you are so flipping weird. No mayo, no relish, but TOGETHER, they're acceptable!?? Mmmm, you're barking up the wrong tree though, since I do love a good tarter sauce with some nice fish...