26 March 2009

Very corny.

Last weekend I picked up the loveliest cookbook from the library: The Glory of Southern Cooking. While there is a lot of stuff I wouldn't even consider attempting (I also am NOT saving up bacon grease in a can under my sink to actually USE -- gross), it's a beautiful book, with interesting recipes and tons of stories and information about the south and southern cooking. I need to have a party soon so I can make Kentucky beer cheese and basil-avocado spread! Mmmmm.

Anyway, the first recipe I tried out was for buttermilk Parmesan cornbread. This isn't THE recipe, but it's exactly the same (other than the skillet part -- the recipe just said to put it in a baking dish, and that's what I did). And it turned out perfectly (never a certainty when it comes to me and baking).

While it turned out just right, I wasn't a big fan. My tastebuds are still a little off kilter and a lot of things taste a little weird, so that could have been it. It also tasted better then next night(s). If I make it again, I'd either use cheddar instead of parm or cut down on the parm -- maybe just use half a cup instead of a full cup. But Brad liked it, and Aunt Sandy and Uncle Danny say they enjoyed it, so I guess that means the recipe deserves my endorsement!

Here it is looking delicious alongside a horrible-looking piece of pan fried buttermilk chicken -- HA! (the chicken actually tasted pretty good, despite looking like a wreck)

That's all the cookin' news, BUT I was the recipient of another AWESOME book from Auntie Sandy! Behold... The Party Planner, from 1957!

Technically in the kids' section, but hello?! Hilarious.
Who DOESN'T "adore dressing up like mama"?

Um... Yum! HA!

What is NOT funny about this? That IS a good excuse.

While totally inappropriate given the times... This is also PERFECTLY appropriate given the times. I just might have to host this one!!!!!

Sigh. Thanks for all the great ideas, Bernice!

And finally.... In case you ever wondered what my days look like... I bring you "I spend my days getting stared at and barked at by Heidi":


Alison said...

That is so funny! My mom still uses her Betty Crocker cookbook from the 50s (inherited from her mom) and there's a section on hostessing a party. It is so horribly sexist - I love it!

Stephanie said...

I have this awesome book from like the late 1800s/early 1900s -- Miss Beetons Book of Household Management. Classic!