22 March 2009


For the first time in two months... I went to Plum Market today. I was grumbling about grocery shopping this morning -- what was once one of my favorite parts of the week -- and Brad said, "just go!" So I gave it some thought and finagled myself a good enough reason to need to go. I went to Target first and picked up everything I could get there cheap: milk, juice, cereal, cheese. But since it is so beautiful today, and brother-in-law was coming over to watch basketball, Brad suggested we have a BBQ. No meat at Target, and definitely no delicious pre-made feta and sundried tomato turkey burgers at Target. So after Target, I headed over to Plum. Sigh. :)

Despite the most annoying checkout experience (having to switch lanes because someone had to "run out to her car to get more money" and ending up behind an old lady writing a check that wouldn't go through), it was nice to be back. But it was also a reality check that it is WAY more expensive than Meijer and it wasn't THAT much more exciting, so that was good food for thought (har har food....).

When I got home, I got a Sunday Martha Stewart bug up my butt and hopped into the kitchen to make some chocolate peanut butter cookies. I swear, I must be the slowest baker. It takes me forever to make cookies -- AND I totally mixed my hands. Ow! Stupid thing turned on when my fingers were right in the way. (The dogs enjoyed the peanut butter that went a-flying.) I also whipped up some pasta salad to cool before BBQ -- 2 cups orzo, ~2 tbs evoo, ~2 tbs red wine vinegar, a handful of diced tomatoes, 1 diced cucumber, crumbled feta, salt, pepper, and a palmful or so of dried basil.... Delish. It made a huge bowl, and I'm looking forward to chowing on this all week.

Oh... and the delicious turkey burgers did NOT disappoint. I'll have to remember to treat myself to one of these now and then. I picked up "Brooklyn burgers" for the boys -- green onions and some sort of steak sauce mixed in -- and they seemed to enjoy those as well. Hooray for the first BBQ of the year!

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queen b said...

Mmm....orzo. So good.