04 October 2007

oh my god oh my god oh my god

Sooooo.... Today I was working downstairs and I thought I'd watch my DVR'd Carpoolers while I was eating lunch. I finished up my Chinese food and the show, but the TV was already on so I thought I'd turn on my favorite Comcast channel, "adult alternative." I'm working along, la la la, when I hear David Gray. Not recognizing the song, I look and see it's new. New David Gray?! What's this all about. So I go to his website and see he's got a bunch of live stuff about to come out. Woo hoo! So I forward the link to Brad because he's a big fan, too. Five minutes later I get an email from Brad showing DG's tour schedule. By some amazing awesome miracle, he's playing in London... when we're in London!!! You bet your ass I bought us tickets. Happy Anniversary to us! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I was already so excited for our trip, but I'm so so excited about this, too. This'll be our fourth show, and I know it'll be awesome. He's just the best. Maybe I will write him an email and beg him to play our wedding song. :)

Oh, and this was was totally growing in an empty chocolate milk glass I forgot in my office. Ha ha.

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