24 October 2007

I take them for the extra competitive edge.

So it happened. I finally broke down and ate my homegrown basil. I was so proud of myself for growing it all by myself that I couldn't bring myself to eat it. And I think I waited too long , and the leaves started to yellow. :( AND I ended up using it in a cheese sauce, and I could barely taste it.... So sad. My oregano is still going strong, though -- I just need to repot it soon.

I've also been kind of a disaster this week. I got myself a wicked burn Sunday night -- I burnt my arm on the inside of the oven and got my first burn blister. Monday night it popped and wow did that hurt like hell. I think Anthony Bourdain would be proud, though. Ha! I also busted out in a crazy rash Sunday night that persisted, despite my many med efforts and slathering myself in (expired) calomine lotion. Lotion applied, I looked like a leper with my skin peeling off -- you know, the lovely chalk-tinted body. Hot. Today I went to the doctor and discovered I had an allergic reaction to a sweater I tried on in Target and now have heat rash. Doc put me on the 'roids, so I'm waiting for the rage to bust out.

LADIES: STAY AWAY FROM THIS SWEATER! (in all shades and stripes; I tried on the green striped one.)

Nicky Update: A very lovely couple came to visit Nicky today, and they are coming back Friday with their 8-year-old pooch Willy. They are very involved with animals and animal activism ("we don't burn buildings down or anything, though!") and "treat their dogs like children." They are definitely interested and think they'll adopt him, depending on how Willy handles it. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Meanwhile, Nicky has still been just the sweetest, and him and Heidi are soooo cute. I've definitely gotten more than my fair share of hugs, smooches, and cuddles.

Finally... My new obsession. Anthony Bourdain. I didn't really know much about him, but I picked up Kitchen Confidential on a whim. I read it, and loved it. Midway through the book, I had a dream about him, where we were hanging out on this field trip thing, and I think he had a crush on me (giggle giggle, we held hands). It was one of those dreams where you wake up the next day and would SWEAR you spent the day with someone. So now that him and I were such good friends, I put some of his other books on hold on the libary. The first to come in was Les Halles Cookbook, and let me just interject here that I am officially NOT looking forward to French food (ha!) -- although I'd be willing to try frog legs and snails if they aren't slathered in garlic. Anyway, I'm not into any of the recipes, but he's so amusing to read that all the notes are still worth reading. And I knew it was meant to be when I read the opening lines:

"I'm a list fanatic. Write it down on a list, I believe, and there is far less chance that you will ever find yourself beginning a sentence with the pathetic excuse, 'Sorry... I forgot to....'" Ahhhh. Soulmates.

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Tough Cookie said...

I'm allergic to everything -- but I can't say I've ever gone on roids because of a sweater! :)