03 October 2007

Itsy bitsy spider.

Brad and his dad are watching hockey (snore), and I haven't blathered on in a few days, so here I am. We had a PPYL (apparently pronounced "people") meeting tonight, too, and I always feel inspired after those.

I must say that people never cease to amaze me. While I am absolutely for thinking whatever you want to think, and understand people feel all different ways about things, I just can't wrap my brain around planned parenthood protestors. I get the gist of it, but when you protest planned parenthood, you're protesting so many things that are just ridiculous to be protesting. Why on earth would you protest low-income women receiving pre-natal exams? What's wrong with men receiving affordable vasectomies? Stopping the spread of teenage disease? Anyway, I certainly do not want to have this debate with anyone. You can agree or disagree. But those 40 Days of Life people that are sitting outside Planned Parenthood 24-7 for "40 days"? Come on! Don't you have something better to do? Oh, and I'm pleased to report: At least at the AA PP, they are miserably failing. They've had little to no support. Go home, people.

That being said, we have lots of good ideas for the future of our group, so stay tuned! And if you're looking for a party theme, let Rachel or I know. We can help you out! Oh, and keep your calendar open for January, when we host the second annual Get Down for Choice. $10 to hang out, dance, drink, and hang out with likeminded people supporting a good cause.

On a different note, our deck has been taken over by a garden globe spider. After being assured by Tracy that it wouldn't attack me, I decided to let it live (although Heidi scared the crap out of it and it flew up a tree, so it might not be around tomorrow).

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