28 October 2007


We started our weekend off with a lovely early bday celebration for Miss Rachel. Yummy food and fun times, as always! Here's to a wonderful bday week, my dear!

And now for a quick, sleepy recap of this weekend's Halloween celebrations. Saturday we hit up the Bang! with Birgit, meeting up with cutie Kate, my old assistant from SRCD; Bob Ross extraordinare Jason; and some of Birgit's pals from college. As always, it was a great time, and no one got too upset about me bleeding all over them. Highlights: Chris Hanson, giant Amazon fembot dude, and Alison as Amy Winehouse. Classic. Today was Jason, Krissy, and Bava's party, and luckily my costume (post-death Church from Pet Sematary! ha ha) improved with age -- I just went to bed in my makeup/headwound/hair get-up, waking up ready to do it all over again! Lots of good food, great company, and plenty of chalk to graffiti the driveway with. Oh, and Bava is number one ninja!

Oh, and Nicky gave Heidi kennel cough. It's horrible. Luckily he's cute, so we still love him.

Time for a nap.


Tough Cookie said...

If only those damn Amy Winehouse tattoos would wash off...:)

Rachel said...

Awww. Feel better soon, Heidles! I didn't even notice he had it. Poor pooches. I bet they've actually been smoking while you've been gone. ;)