24 July 2007

Vroom Vroom!

Finally! Brad and I were able to book our chunnel tickets from London to Paris today. That train is nuts -- tickets just went on sale and all the times are already starting to sell out. So FYI, anyone planning to take the chunnel, buy your tickets as soon as you know your date! We decided to go this route rather than take a quick flight because we only have to be at the train station a half-hour before boarding, so we don't waste our whole day at the airport. Plus, it's not much more than flying. Why not? I'm excited to take the train. (Assuming it ends up being nothing like the train-travel situation in EuroTrip and Hostel! har har!) I haven't really taken one since sixth grade on the way home from Toronto.

We leave London at 2 pm on Wed Nov 14 and get to Paris around 5:30. I'm so excited to see both our hotels -- Brad did a ton of research, so I hope we've picked winners!

The Zetter, London
*Note, "porno pink" lights and champagne in the vending machines!

Hotel Mayet, Paris

Anyway, in my head, I'm envisioning the train going straight through the water, like a submarine. How cool would that be?! We'd see all the crazy water creatures, like Snorks.

Hurry up, November!

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