30 July 2007

The House of the Unique Stink

Well, friends, it's over. I just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I'm so sad it's over, but so happy I found and read it. I read a lot, but it's rare something actually moves me (yeah, I'm a cold-hearted snake). This book inspired me, amused me, and touched me. Please please read it, and you'll be able to "awwwww!" with me over the last few pages. Seriously, I was "awwwwing" out loud. So sweet, I almost want to hatch some baby turkeys of my own.

And perfectly juxtaposing the completion of this book, a new episode of Bizarre Foods is on, and Andrew Zimmern was just "beaten" by food for the first time. What was it you ask? Worms? No, he gets those down no problem. Balut? Rooster balls? Heck no. It was stinky tofu in Taiwian, at the above-mentioned House of the Unique Stink. While this show fascinates (and repulses) me, it makes me so grateful I can take a quick drive down the street and pick up fresh and beautiful blueberries -- not rotten, not fried, or mixed with grubs. Just plain old yummy blueberries.

"Advanced chicken butt eaters eat the whole thing." -- Andew Zimmern

It's like poetry.

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