24 July 2007

Sex, People!

Okay, yeah, two posts in a day. I don't really like to hear myself talk that much -- ha ha! But I just had such an afternoon! Long story short, I ended up being invited to tour the new Planned Parenthood facility in Ann Arbor, and I invited Rachel to join me. First we met with the education director, who wanted to hear about our experiences, then filled us in on a lot of their programs that probably a lot of people aren't aware of (they send computerized babies out to high school students? awesome!) -- and interestingly, but not surprisingly, learned of the resistance they get from Saline High School. Go figure. Anyway... Next we all met with the office advocacy person and learned more about that side of things. Then we spent an hour just chatting about all sorts of issues.

Who knew you can get a vasectomy at PP? (you as in you men) And they have a support group/clinic service for pregnant/delivering Hispanic women that don't have family support. And how cool is this -- they recently held a "mom party" where one mom got a group of her friends together and a PP representative went and talked with them about talking to their kids about sex.

Oh, and Rachel and I might get to be in the newsletter. We're on our way to being staaaaaas, dahling.

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Rachel said...

Dancing and beer? It's like they were just waiting for us to grow up and bring us back around. Gladly! :D We'll have them calling us Stachel in no time.