27 July 2007

Here, groundhoggy!

Last night was Humane Society night, and it was unusually tiring, lots of boisterous dogs ready to be walked! Heidi has trained me well, though -- the other volunteers were impressed with my killer arm strength, walking Sasha without a harness and even getting her to sit. Oh yeah, who's a beast?

Speaking of Sasha, if anyone is looking to adopt, this sweet girl has been with us for TEN weeks. She's very energetic and strong, and so sweet. She needs a good home -- those cages are no place to be for that long.

Anyway, some days you go and get caught up in the routine of it -- unlock cage, get dog, walk dog, put dog back. But sometimes, one of them looks at you with such a look, you remember why you're really doing this. I went and opened Ginger's cage, a sweet little fluffball, and she just looked up at me with such sadness and sweetness in her eyes. That look stayed with me all day.

Oh, yeah, and I hate groundhogs!

The little bastards are all over the Humane Society grounds. There are three of them: building bastard, gazebo bastard, and woods bastard. Apparently, one was sunning itself right on the floor of the gazebo the other day!!! Yesterday, one was just chilling in the grass in front of my car when I pulled up, another one almost got squashed by Sasha, and another was hiding in the grass when I was walking around. Just sittin' there, no rush to move it, like they own the place!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

It's like Caddyshack out there! Or wait, is that a gopher?

Surely we have some traps out there. Catch & release!!!!

Love those doggies. Maybe we can pool some $$ together to sponsor a cage in the name of Stachel. ;)