26 January 2014

Fun guy.

Three days of singlehood down, one more night left to go. And night two of delicious non-Brad food was a grand success - and I think Brad will even like tonight's dinner when I make him eat it for dinner tomorrow. ;)

I worked up an appetite this afternoon on my first outside run in nearly two weeks. It was somewhat of a heat wave (25 degrees!) and not too windy, so I knew it was today or not for another week (looking forward to -8 tomorrow....). Besides, Brad took the iPad to Florida, so I didn't have anything worth watching - I knew I'd spend my whole run staring at the clock and cursing the basement, so I went for it - and stayed warm! Running in smooshy, packed snow is like running through the sand, though. I was pooped. And ready for some hot soup.

But first, because I failed to show her in all her beauty last night.... I give you kale and smoked trout.

So glad I gave kale another try. 
And yes, that's Zingerman's sourdough. Jealous?

Worth noting, also, that smoked trout is an instant favorite. It's like the classy tuna. It's still in a can, but it comes in a fillet, and, you know, it's more expensive - so it just screams class. I also recently discovered canned tiny shrimp - Hillary gets the props for that one! Again, it's shrimp in a can (kind of weird, right?).... but they are the perfect addition to homemade fried rice. Yum. And don't require me to pooper scooper them - always appreciated.

Also prior to dinner-making.... Cute poochness ensued.

"George, I am NOT that kind of lady."

"Oh yes, yes you are, Heidi."

Okay. Soup! Soup! Soup!

White bean and roasted mushroom soup!

Of course, I read the recipe wrong and didn't buy enough beans, so I made do with two cans of beans and just 32 oz of broth - which I ended up cutting with a splash of milk and a dab of butter.... I don't love veggie broth - I'm sure it's the salt but it something about it just tastes... tin can-ny.... Anyway, it did the trick, so high five to me.

Getting roasty...

I channeled Hillary's minestrone and also added spinach.
Gotta stay strong!

Still a little broth-y, but I loved it - and it was actually really filling, far more so than the beercheesepotato soup I make all the time. The pureed beans, I suppose. Anyway, I suspect this is one that will age nicely and I look forward to forcing it on Brad tomorrow (not a true force - he seemed agreeable to trying it. Amazing.).

I just may make a mushroom man outta Brad after all.......

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Rachel said...

Team mushroom!!!! Yum.