22 January 2014

A winter's tale.

Yeah, yeah... I know.

So, Christmas happened.




Okay, and drink. Definitely drink....

Yes, for breakfast. Don't judge.

And 1980s NYE...

Sex on the beach. Minus the beach. Or the sex? Either way, very '80s.

There was a snowpocalypse in there, too...

What snowpocalypse doesn't call for a hot toddy?

All of this occurred during a very much needed and appreciated two-week vacation. The way the holidays fell, and where I was in the work year and plans and projects, it just worked out that I could be off for SIXTEEN DAY IN A ROW! And 18 away from the office (the snowpocalypse kept us snowed in for the first two days back but we were at least trying to work from home). How often does that work out? Two full weeks.... Almost unheard of. And it was amazing. I'm not totally over the fact that I'm back to real life now. Sigh.

I've kept up my running - lots of snowy runs over break (including my PR for 5k, woo!) - offset, of course, by all the food and drink.... but I'm slowly detoxing myself and at least getting stronger, if not all that much skinnier. Starting using Instagram, which is probably why I haven't been here much (yo, check me out: stephjchurch). And, I never thought I'd say this, but I've transitioned to nearly full-time iPhone photo taking. I will NOT however, give my camera up for actual vacation photos, but for everyday life, it seems to be the way to go.

I also got to spend some very special time with some very special people this past weekend. What's turning into an annual SHS '96 Girls Reunion came together nicely with some quick drive-by hug and kisses visits with girlfriends and meet and greet with my littlest family member. What a whirlwind.

Hello, baby!

I prefer to think of myself as a grand cousin.... Lovely to meet you, Everett!

Hello, oysters!

Hello, my lovely ladies!

Via Marquette, Chicago, St. Joe, Canton, and the D!

So much to be thankful for. So much.

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