25 January 2014

Schmolar schmortex.

You can't scare us, polar vortex. Lots of fun was to be had in the snow, wind, and subzero temperatures today - and we weren't about to miss Molly's baby shower!

Here we come, Molly!

Unfortunately, the weather did prevent several people from attending, but that just meant more delicious Hillary-made food for us to enjoy - and more Molly time to monopolize. Congrats to Molly and Jimmy!

Afterward, I took the dogs (separately!) for snowy, blowy walks - they've got a severe case of cabin fever, and they needed to get the heck. out. before the temps dipped even lower. Plus, they always love a chance to model their snazzy jackets.

"Thanks for the walk, mom!"

And then, because Brad is gone, I made random Brad-wouldn't-have-any-of-it dinner.... :) Sauteed kale (ok, he'd happily eat kale) with caramelized onions (he hates onions!) and holiday fig balsamic (leftover from Christmas, I want to drink a glass of it!), with smoked trout (with a dash of horseradish) on sourdough. On tap for tomorrow, something with oodles and oodles of mushrooms (Hillary's mushroom and spinach quesadillas? Rachel's mushroom tacos?) - Rachel insists!

Oh yeah, and then I made cookies. Delicious, delicious cookies. Finally, a chance to use my new KitchenAid hand mixer - which, I have to say, is legit better than the crap one we had before. It is lovely. So gentle.

I may have finally made a batch of cookies that I didn't overcook.
They're still ugly, though.
But taste beautiful.

Time to go.... avoid eating any more cookies....

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