08 March 2014

Not if I see you first.

So about 13 years ago, this happened...

Zima for the win.

Then in 2005, this happened...

Maid-of-honor extraordinaire.

A few weeks ago, we were so very lucky to witness this happening...

We are very serious about love.

The words almost elude me on how bursty my heart feels to see Rachel so happy. I wish nothing but the best for her and her prince charming, who've both come so far to get here. Here's to a lifetime of love, laughter, wine, ink, and a few frogs thrown in for good measure. Love you both and so proud of you for finding the joy in the calm and quietness in life as well as the perks of free crap in fancy hotels!

Along the way, we got to see many familiar faces, some that go back almost 15 years. When I left my first real job, I probably wouldn't have guessed that a decade later I'd be sitting at a wedding table with the boss I was leaving behind. I suppose it proves that the good people in your life remain a happy memory when you call fall right back into your old shoes. So fun to catch up with the old AMG posse and hoping it's not another decade before we get to share stories again.

And, of course, some of those familiar faces are those I hold dearest in my life still, and it was extra special to spend the weekend with our dear Meg, mine and Brad's date for the weekend festivities. Or should I say Brad's date, as the two of them are peas in a (whiskey-soaked) pod.

Last but certainly not least, not one but two all-too-brief meetups with our Birgy Birg, set at two of our favorite old haunts. One was filled with the sounds of DJ-Thinks-It's-1991-and-we-love-it (me love you long time!) and the other, the sounds of us stuffing our faces full of Zingerman's food. Miss you already, Birg.

Cherry popper.

I must confess, this was the hardest trip back to St. Joe I've made. I miss all my loves, all the time, but being back with you all, with such a special wedding at the center of it all, with Bradford and the pooches in tow... made me a little homesick. I suppose it's good thing we learned by unfortunate-house-of-skankness that the dogs love them a swanky Holiday Inn! See you all again soon??

Georgie says, congrats, Mrs. Stroud! My mom loves you!


Rachel said...

Oh mama. Cue the waterworks! You know I love you more than my luggage, and then some. And I totally got you with my flower flair. ;) Let's relive it over and over forever and ever and ever. AMG life!

Melissa @ An Impulse To Soar said...

Awww nice to see all your lovely faces! Glad you guys had fun! Congrats to Rachel!

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