21 December 2012

Stainless steel santa.

Christmas came early this year by way of upgraded kitchen appliances. The perks of working where we work... not too shabby. Well, Brad's perks of working where we work. He's fancy. I'm not. Luckily - because both our fridge and dishwasher were in need of repair - we were able to swap them both out for new, non-broken models. Hooray!

I hate you, broken dishwasher!

After nearly three hours of disassembly, assembly, reassembly... We had shiny new appliances. The dishwasher basically looks the same. Nothing exciting there. But the new fridge, well, it deserves a bit of a drumroll.

Heidi says, looks the same to me!

Inside, new fridge is lovely. Just lovely. The lights brighten progressively as you open the doors for extra dramatic effect. The shelves/door shelves make much more sense. And... there is a wine rack!

The freezer has been improved, as well, with THREE drawers and a special spot just for frozen pizzas (I don't buy frozen pizzas but it's a nice little space!).

Where's the food?

A well-stocked, organized fridge is one of my favorite sites in the world. And a well-stocked, organized fridge that contains eggnog? EVEN better.

The eggnog served us well for this year's annual Holiday Inn viewing. Thanks for joining us again this year to Ceile and we were thrilled to add Hillary for her first time ever. Aaaaabrahaaaam!

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Sara said...

Three drawers!! That's awesome!