29 December 2012

Let it snow.

Remember when I said it finally started snowing yesterday? Well... it's still snowing! Yeah!!

Hello from snowy St. Joe!

There hasn't been much accumulation (I blame the wind!), but it sure is pretty. Brad and I stepped out for a quick dinner (the best soup I have EVER had - butternut squash bisque with ginger and shrimp. I am neither a big soup nor a big squash person, but I just loved every last bite of this) and a short drive around town to check out the snow and waves on the lake and everyone's Christmas lights in the belated Christmas snow. Perfect. Just perfect.

[Speaking of perfect, I'm hoarding the last of my white chocolate-cherry chip cookies I made on Sunday. Like I said earlier, it's just the plain old Tollhouse recipe with white chocolate chips and cherry chips in place of chocolate chips, but they are a special kind of delicious and I haven't bored of them yet.]

Luckily, I have my trusty new coffee mug for keeping-me-warm coffee and/or cocoa during this winter storm. Thanks to our nephew Brendan for this super special Christmas present (that's his artwork - pretty cool!).

Happy snow, friends! PS Guess what is also snow white? Our new kitchen! More on that soon...... :)

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