12 December 2012

Cookie monster.

...since you been goooooone! Oh wait. Since I've been gone:

We had a very special Thanksgiving eve visitor.
We showed her a good time.

I made some pies and my first-ever from-scratch stuffing.
For a captive audience.

I solidified my love for Tofurkey.

Christmas cheer exploded all over our house.

...and I celebrated SHSGW '12 with some awesome, awesome chicks -

We drank some champagne, bought some crafts, and ate snacks at.... GIRL AND THE GOAT.

Keep it together... stay cool....

Just kidding! SO EXCITED! Eeee!

Love spending a holiday weekend in the big city with my girls!

Now it's time to focus on the very-quickly-approaching Christmas - getting everything ready for the big day while also trying to enjoy this very special time of year. No real snow yet, but making up for it with oodles of cheer. Including the 2nd Annual S. State Triangle Cookie Exchange, which took place last night. As last year, Ceile, Hillary, and I co-hosted at Ceile's house. We provided the snacks (I highly recommend this super easy and festive snack if anyone is in need of a quick holiday recipe!) and everyone provided three dozen cookies each.

I debated my cookie selection for a few weeks before finally settling on cranberry bliss cookies. I'm still a fairly anxious baker, especially when I'll be sharing with someone other than Brad, but I had pretty good luck with these guys. Before sharing with the ladies, I got the thumbs up from both Brad and my boss, who I shared some advance copies with.



After after.

While delicious, these are super sweet, so I decided against the additional sugar drizzle + cranberry topping. A little dollop of frosting was more than enough.

As always, I had help in the kitchen.


We all consider this year's event a grand success, and you could feel the holiday love throughout the evening. So proud of our packed house!

Cookies. Yum.

It's been a good month. :)

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