16 December 2012

Christmas spirits.

To get in the Christmas spirit this week, Brad and I watched a classic Christmas movie while treadmilling in the basement.

Gremlins, of course! It's been too many years since I'd watched this movie in full, but I assure you, it is every bit as fun, funny, and scary as you remember from your childhood. I'd forgotten how very Christmasy it is, actually, and it is a nice change from your traditional holiday viewing.

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas...

So, full of the holiday spirit, Brad and I set out this weekend to finish our Christmas errands. Of course, we needed fuel first, so we stopped in Harbert for breakfast at Luisa's for Swedish pancakes (me) and fluffy eggs (Brad). Down to the outlet mall next, then back through New Buffalo for a stop at Local, where I discovered.......

ZINGERMAN'S CHEESE! Perhaps I spent $20 on pimento cheese... perhaps not. But probably I did. ;)

Then it was over to Three Oaks for Brad's first visit to Journeyman Distillery (main goal was to pick up a Christmas gift) and my first time back since they started serving food. I was surprised to discover a handful of new spirits as well, which, of course, meant many more specialty cocktails to choose from. We both started with a Moscow mule, then moved on to whiskey drinks - a sazerac for me and an "I'll Have Another" for Brad (the more delicious of the two).

The menu boasted an assortment of things we wanted to sample - alas, we narrowed it down to three. Bison sloppy joe (for Brad), mac and cheese, and whitefish spread. Brad's response to the bison joe? "It's f-ing good." Always his highest review.

I have to say, the whitefish spread and mac were also... pretty f-ing good. I realize 20 minutes is NOT that far away. But I still wish this place had set up shop in our town. It would get much repeat business from us.

Today, we finished up our holiday shopping in town (high five!) and celebrated with beer and burgers for brunch. I had a Christmas ale from Greenbush. Gotta stick with the theme!

And then I spent the rest of the day wrapping everything. Love a populated tree. So sparkly and full of love!

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