06 December 2010

Party at the bluff.

Apparently when you live in a small town, every event is an event. This past Friday, there was a tree-lighting ceremony for the big Christmas tree on the bluff. Not only did they light the tree, they finally turned on the lights display that spans the 1/4-mile-long bluff boardwalk. And not only did they turn the lights on, there was a light show, wherein lights flashed and music played. And I'm pretty sure everyone in town turned out for it. Including us, of course. But it was cold, and the pooches wanted to see, so we drove up and down the length twice.

George and Heidi were enthralled. By the lights, the music, the crowd. And it made me smile to see people in the crowd see these two totally entranced and smile and point. Yes, I recognize the enormous cheese factor. I still love it, though. If this is small-town living at it's best, maybe I've found the right home for me.

This whole weekend really turned out to be quite the winter spectacle. First the lights, then the snow started sometime late Friday night... and still hasn't really stopped. And more visitors to top it off! Sara and Tabi, my Saline girls, drove in late Friday evening and Saturday we headed off to Chicago to visit another friend from home. And guess what? It was snowing like crazy there, too!

We grabbed some brunch at Ann Sather, shopped in Wicker Park (Sara led us to a super cool all-handcrafted goods store [Renegade Handmade Store] where I got my fox fix), and got some much-needed sushi at Sushi Mon, my first BYOB restaurant experience. Sara and I also got our sexy on, ordering the delicious Sexy Roll (salmon, spicy crab, and avocado wrapped in cucumber with mint leaf and ponzu sauce -- mmm). I must point out that Sushi Mon is one of maybe three sushi places I've ever eaten at that had really spicy spicy stuff. We had the spicy tuna and it took my breath away. And I loved it.

It was a lovely visit and I can't wait to spend many more weekends with these girls, now that everyone lives in the same region for the first time in a decade. It was also super cool to really see how close we live to Chicago. Door to door in an hour and 40 minutes or so. Jealous much? :)

Like I said, it's been snowing for days. Lake effect warnings. Funny that more hasn't accumulated -- we probably have five or six inches -- but it doesn't show any signs of letting up. And I'm thrilled. Who am I? Ha ha! But I kind of hope it never stops.

Daytime white out.

Nighttime white out.

I ventured out in the snow again today like an idiot, had some shopping to do. But the snow inspired me to pick up some new holiday cheer for Georgie. He loves it, of course.

Mr. Handsome

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