22 December 2010

Bring me some figgy pudding.

Treat time! What better to make when you have oodles of extra bananas and apples, right? First, you melt butter. Lots of butter.


What's the butter for, you ask? Caramelizing apples!


These combined nicely for two giant loaves of apple banana bread.


The bread wasn't anything too crazy -- banana bread's the easiest thing ever. But it's moist, tasty, not too overly sweet... A great morning snack, and a few slices went nicely in the treat tin I prepared for our awesome neighbors (rumor has it, the bread was a big hit!). Because, of course, I made cookies, too. I really wanted to make these pecan puffs I found, but, if I'm remembering correctly, it called for pulverizing the pecans in the food processor... and I was feeling lazy after working on the bread (ha!). I settled on chocolate chip oat cookies. I got the recipe from a cookie book my mom bought me long before I ever started cooking or baking, and it's served me well over the years. Unfortunately, I don't remember the title... and it's WAY OVER THERE.

Luckily I remembered to mix the dry ingredients in just as I was about to drop the cookies on the baking sheet. Oops! :) Behold... oodles of mini cookies.

I have yet to make a moist cookie. I even undercooked these by a minute and they are still crunchy. I don't mind -- I like crunchy cookies... but I know my technique is seriously flawed. No one complains too much, though, because cookies are still cookies!

Meanwhile, we have many o' house projects looming in our new future, including a spare bathroom redo. Painting ensued today... Stay tuned!

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