02 December 2010


Halloween is my thing. But Christmas... I just really love Christmas. I'm sure I say this every year, but I really just do. And it pains me to say it, but we've decided not to get a Christmas tree this year. Our old one was a mess, so we tossed it in the move. While shopping for a new tree this weekend, we came home with the previously mentioned (and still super awesome) faux fireplace instead. And there's the whole issue of Heidi being on a major terror of late (eating breads, fruits, plastic bags, bills, and, today's latest, a dozen or so wine corks and a plastic glitter snowflake) -- we have no "safe" rooms to barricade her in when we're not home, and I just know I'd come home to a knocked over, half-eaten tree if we had one. So we decided this year we'd go without, saving the new tree for next year when Heidi has hopefully matured a little (don't be fooled, though... there were cork crumbs all over George's bed, too). I finally got around to finishing my decorations today, and I love them so much, Brad and I decided we'd just leave them up all year, like Frankenmuth. Our very own Frankenchurch!

While I was out picking up some last-minute decorations today, I snagged some early Christmas presents for the pooches. Two $5 (score!) new suck blankets!

A suck blanket power struggle immediately ensued.

Guess who won? (For now....)

George was happy enough to snuggle with me and my new blanket (not for sucking).

Anyway, back to the Frankenchurch... My mom and co. are coming here for Christmas (a week early), so I have a reason to fully decorate (sans tree). Take a peek into our little holiday wonderland... I think it's pretty cozy. :) Lots of my three favorite things: poinsettia garland, snowflakes, and colored lights.

The pooches can never resist a photo bomb.

I love the peek-a-boo view from the spare bedroom to the sun porch.

That snowman has been around since at least 1980.

And the good news is that by the time I'd finished decorating, George got his blankie back.

Now... If I can just continue to resist the holiday aisles for the rest of the year...


Lady Lisa said...

I love seeing your decorations and festive beach abode. Keep em comin!

Birgles McGee said...

Frankenmuth = Hellmouth. Can't wait to see the sexy faux fireplace! I will bring my sheepskin slippers to lounge in front of the faux fuego!