28 December 2010

Pale blue eyes.

Time for a very Churchy bathroom reveal...

We have a blue bathroom! I'm not necessarily anti-blue, but it's never been my thing. Something strange has come over me since moving into my antique beach house and I'm finding I like all new things, like blue. I guess it really just comes down to the feel of the house, and this house feels blue. We also have this amazing original tile, which is shades of blue and gray. So when Brad said "let's go blue," I actually agreed. And guess what? I love it! I have plans to buy vintage beach prints for the wall and have a very special retro towel rack on order, which I'll of course share as soon as it arrives. Alas, our work is never done, and it's time to start on our next project...

What could it be?

In between Christmasing and redecorating, our dear Birgit came for a quick holiday visit. We took a nice winter dune beach walk, then warmed ourselves with delicious martinis (while also stuffing our faces full of food at our one "nice" restaurant [it has fancy fries!]). Visits are never long enough, but I would take even just a minute of Birgy. :D


Stay tuned for more house reveals!

1 comment:

Birgles McGee said...

The feeling is mutual!!!

P.S. I was hammered halfway through that martini!