08 December 2009

Don't eat the yellow snow.

What goes better with snowflake pjs than.... real snow!!??

After So You Think You Can Dance tonight, we discovered it had started snowing out -- something we've been eagerly anticipating for weeks. Can't have Christmas without snow! So we promptly bundled up (I am happy to report my homemade creamsicle hat is nice and toasty) and headed out for our nightly walk with the pooches. It's so funny to see them out in the first snow; it's like they've never seen it before. Too cute. Since the snow was coming down pretty hard in one direction, we went the opposite way of our normal walk, discovering some beautiful light displays around the ole 'sac. As always, I have yard envy. *sigh* If only our driveway were lined with a row of matching bushes on which to place white lights. Anyway, when we got back, I ran back outside to snap some quick shots of the new snow -- only a few though; didn't want to risk drowning my camera!


Housewife update
: After listening to my aunt's friend talk about her clean freak husband that vacuums the BED regularly, and watching The Stepford Wives (please watch it so we can laugh about it together -- classic, classic stuff), I've been feeling quite disappointed in my homemaking. So today I washed the sheets on both beds, vacuumed the bed (yes! I am a copy cat) and the bedroom, and remade all the beds. I consider this a step in the right direction. I think I need a chore chart. With gold stars.

***See, I told you. More collages.


Rachel said...

Dude. Your names make the name Stepford. And hell yes that movie is hilarious. ;)

Brad said...

I agree...get a chore chart ASAP...PLEASE! In the words of one smart man, Uncle Rico, "Might as well do somethin' while you're doing nothin'."