25 November 2009

Minty fresh.

I'm excited to finally unveil my "Neapolitan with mint" scarf -- my first straight scarf, first straight needle project, first experimentation with seed stitch (which I loooove), and my first quite-so-multicolored project. As soon as I put the green and pink together, I knew it was meant for Birgit. She of the pink and green bedroom. I hope it keeps her warm and toasty this winter!

Last night, I started on a new project -- a Christmas, well, birthday (same day) gift for my mom. My grandma (mom's mom) died when I was 12 and I don't have a ton of memories of her, but what I do remember is that she was always crocheting (Heidi and I are snuggled up in one of her afghans right now). Earlier this year, Aunt Sandy found a project my grandma had started, still attached to the yarn skein, as well as a second matching skein. I assume she was working on an afghan, but she only got as far as a large, pillow-sized square. My plan is to make a pillow and use the crocheted block as the face of the pillow. I've gone back and forth over what I wanted to make with the extra yarn to give as kind of a matching set, and I finally settled on a button cowl -- so she can sit in her chair with her pillow and read, keeping warm (her house is cold!) with her cowl. I'm kind of winging it at this point -- cast on, experimenting with moss stitch... We'll see how it goes! But so far so good.

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queen b said...

I HEART it so much!!! It made a pretty darn crappy day oodles brighter. I will be wearing it home tomorrow with pride!!! Smooches and hugs!