08 November 2009

Freida Felcher.

Meeting my hero was pretty sweet.

I'm so glad we bit the bullet and decided to buy ridiculously expensive Anthony Bourdain tickets. It's not often you can say that a ticket was worth every cent, either, but it totally was. I started giggling the second he came on stage and didn't stop smiling until long after he walked off (except for when Brad and I were mocking the head nodders in the audience). He was charming, funny, interesting -- basically, his studly self. And he swore a lot, which made me giggle even more. Two thumbs, and two toes, way up!!

And what better way to follow an awesome chat about food and travel than with a super yummy meal (rather, snack, in my case)? We met up with the Zs and their college friends after the show (3/5 of which were at AB, too) and walked down to Grange, where we basically closed the dining room out. Just a quick review since I didn't really eat, but everyone seemed more than pleased and I was beyond giddy when I discovered the cheese plate on the dessert menu. Why do I forget how delicious candied pecans are? Yum-o.

PS Heidi strikes again! (Extra sad because these are my sentimental first needles from Jess. Boohoo!)

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