05 November 2009

Get in the kitchen and make me a pie.

Last week went by in such a whirl. In fact, I keep having to think, was that really just last week.... or weeks ago? Ha! It was all great fun, though. Starting off with a visit from the Lisa Fairy, with an awesome retro apron befitting a true pseudo-housewife. I can't even tell you how much I love it!

Then some general Halloween preparation ensued, some pumpkin carving, a little Great Pumpkin, and then it was our fourth wedding anniversary. I don't know if I've detailed before, but Rachel got us started on a very fun anniversary event -- a yearly photo shoot at the church we were married at (to which I then turn into a yearly scrapbook page). Such a cute idea (thanks Rachey pie!) and I know I'll be so happy we did this.

Kiss it!

After photo shoot, it was off to our second annual anniversary dinner at Eve. I'd made the reservation online, letting them know it was our anniversary, so they seated us in the best booth in the place and brought us a free champagne toast -- two of my favorite things: champagne and free! We had a lovely dinner, including the two pounds of smoked salmon butter I ate and the three desserts we ordered at the end. Mmmm. Can't wait for next year! *Sigh.*

Then it was time for Halloween. The family came over Friday for some trick or treat action, and Jordan was a super duper cute helper.

After kiddy time, it was adult time. And what is a more fitting costume for me this year than a 1950s housewife?! I think we all look quite dapper, if I do say so myself!

Now, getting back to that housewifery thing, I also made a delicious dinner last week -- another recipe I'd snipped at least a year ago and forgotten about. A vegetable fall cobbler from an issue of Food Network Magazine. Can't find the recipe link online, but this person kindly posted it for me. Minor changes: veggie broth instead of chicken, couldn't find a turnip so I just used an extra potato, I had celery so I added it, and everything fall + potato needs sage so I added that, too. First up, the dough part. Easy.

Now throw all the veggies and broth (cooked) into a dish. I didn't have a big enough casserole dish, so I used this:

Time to throw the dough on. And this is where I got worried.

How was this possibly going to turn out? It looked so... wrong. I thought for sure I'd ruined it by not using a smaller casserole dish. But, lo and behold:

It worked! Hooray! I love when the oven does magic tricks. Time to dish it up.

Now, I LOVE me a good pot pie. And I've been sad thinking about a winter without any (still not eating meat). But I have found the perfect substitute! This dish was JUST like potpie, but a little less goopy. I love love loved this, and it was really so easy. I think we'll be eating a lot of this this winter.

And -- finally -- a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Shawn and Melissa who just gave birth to their little California baby yesterday. Love to all the Polivois! Muuwah!

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