17 October 2009

Oldies but goodies.

What a weekend... and it's not even over yet! Friday was my friend Tabi's wedding, and several out-of-town friends came in for the event. I love a good wedding, but a wedding with old friends you don't see often is extra special. I've been smiling all day.

Sara flew into town Wednesday, and we got to spend nearly all of Thursday together. There is never enough time when Sara is in town, so to get to spend an entire day together was like Christmas for me (and I already miss her so much I can hardly stand it). We spent most of the day at Panera, then headed over to Knit a Round for a Ravelry members-only event, checking out the sales (20% off everything!) and picking out new yarn. Next up, the Roadhouse for some takeout. Pimento mac and cheese? Yes, please! We discovered pimento cheese together last summer while on our REM World Tour, so it was perfect. And I think I might have found a new Roadhouse favorite. I certainly give the pimento mac my blessing.

Friday brought the arrival of Lindsay, in town from her home in Marquette. Her and Sara met up with Brad and me, and we were off for the big event. The wedding was at Weller's in Saline, and it couldn't have been more beautiful. What started off as a dreary day threatening of rain turned out to be a perfect fall day.

The happy bride and groom.

We've been to a lot of weddings over the years. But it's always extra special to get to see someone you've known most of your life so happy and so in love. Wishing all the best in the world to Mr. and Mrs. Feeney.

The SHS girls.
Me, Tabi, Leslie, Sara, & Lindsay

I make a lot of fun of my hometown. I hated Saline and I hated high school. But I have a lot of great memories of these girls and it makes me so happy to still have them in my life. And I think we all still look pretty good for a bunch of old married ladies. :)

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Sara said...

hahahaha. this made me laugh out loud. Lindsay and I were saying at the wedding that we have no nostalgia for our hometown, which is funny because it is like the quintessential American small hometown. I have to admit it is pretty cute now.

I had a fabulous weekend and was glad we had our little post-wedding sleepover!