15 October 2009

Cluck cluck oink.

It finally happened! I met my chickie! Everyone.... meet Marti (aka 1 of 2 chickens that looked identical; I'm going with yes, this is her.)

Thank you, Brad and Stephanie, for my lovely feather styling!


Last week, Sarah M. and I headed out to the farm for the last volunteer day of the year. Much to my delight, cleaning the chicken coop was one of the choose-able tasks. Sign me up! (Aside from chickens, yeah!, chicken poop seemed like the least offensive poop available.) We scooped poop, spread some hay, collected eggs, then, I must confess... we hard-boiled the eggs and... fed them back to the chickens. EW! But... They seemed to love it.

Cannibal Chickens in the Avocado Jungle of Death

When we weren't busy with the chickens, we, of course, smooshed as many of the animals as possible. A friendly old man gave us a little tour and even took us right in with the giant pigs.

Tallulah likes belly rubs.

We thought for sure the giant pigs would eat us. But no, they're lovers!

This potbelly is on a diet.

Goats are cute.

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Rachel said...

I have been waiting for this post! So happy to see everyone being animals and not food. :D And so well taken care of by such lovely ladies. Hooray, hoof shavers!