09 October 2009

Let the spooky begin.

I couldn't resist and pulled out the Halloween decorations on Monday. My dad thought this was hilarious. "Don't you get sick of looking at that stuff?" Um, clearly he does not know me very well. :) Mostly the same stuff from last year, but it still makes me so happy.

I still love my Medusa best.

We had an amusing casualty after Wednesday's windstorm.

For those not here... It's still mostly been a rainy fall. (It's raining again!) But we've had a few beautiful days here and there. Haven't ventured out anywhere too scenic yet, but I absolutely adore the bright red our tree out front turns.

To get in the fall spirit, I also made up some pumpkin bites yesterday. They're kind of like bread in cookie form.... fluffy, sweet, delicious! And just maybe I used an extra 1/3 cup of chocolate chips. And just maybe I had one for dessert after breakfast this morning.

In unrelated news, I joined Lisa for her first ever trip to the Treasure Mart yesterday. I've just recently re-discovered it myself again after a childhood of torturous visits (seriously? what kid wants to go there? that's just mean!). We giggled over the ridiculous (a green glass fu manchu bedside water carafe), oohed and ahh'd over the old-school kitchen pots, and found some Halloween costume accoutrement. And I picked up a new set for my growing chickie s&p collection!

Cutest ever.

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