02 September 2009

Knit it forward.*

Well, as Jessica pointed out, I have gone from grasshopper to master (grassmaster!). Well, "master" is subjective, but I have taken on my first knitting pupil. Last Friday, Rachel and I hid from the rain with our yarn and knittin needles--she's drunk the yarn koolaid!

"This is what I think of casting on!"

Rachel and I have worked together for a lot of years (in fact, we're just celebrating our eight-year anniversary. aww). We work well together and just know what's what when we're working through a project. So obviously, the lesson went fantastically, and Rachel was well on her way to hat goodness in no time.

Floyd assumes the official dog-knitting position.

Eventually I had to end the lesson and venture back out into the rain (after knitting through Gingerdead Man and Cheerleader Party, that is). Rachel was already well on her way to knitting fanatic. Welcome to the club, my pet.

Well, less than a week passed (more like four days!) and Rachel was ready to start finishing her hat. Lesson number two time!

Licorice hat.

And wouldn't you know it? Rachel was also ready to learn purl, ribbing, and start on hat number two! I couldn't be prouder.

Gold star!

*Written whilst wearing my new $6 Halloween tee from Target. It has an owl. And says Spooky Hoot! I luv Halloween.


Rachel said...

You are the best teacher! Always so patient and helpful. Thank you for teaching me countless things thus far in our eight years o' love. Mwah! And thanks, Jess, for turning Steph on to this. Weeeee!

Sara said...

Good work!! I need to get myself knitting again!

the two of us said...

way to go knitters!! i wanna join knitting club!

sadie said...

Speaking of knitting club, when are we meeting again?!