20 September 2009

If Gayle says so.

For the past six or seven years, come football season, I've spent a lot of Sunday afternoons alone. Brad and his guy friends have season tickets to the Lions. Lame. Well, now his guys have girls. So, to celebrate the start of football season, me and said girls (Sarah M. and Melissa S.) decided to have a Lions Widow Afternoon. First up, pampering. And, luckily, Sarah knew a lovely little salon in Royal Oak that was also surprisingly affordable (my favorite combination). In no time, I was the proud owner of shiny Barbie pink fingers and toes.

Next up, brunch. We decided on Cafe Muse, which was new to all of us. Brad and I caught it on Oprah a few months ago, but it's only open for breakfast and lunch, so we've never been around when it's open. We figured it would be good, but didn't know what to expect (other than the grilled cheese Gayle raved about). Setting wise, it's a super cute little cafe, and we snagged a perfect tall window table. We sat down, ordered some drinks (no mimosas [boo!] so I settled on a cherry Italian soda, which was made for me at the table with a little fizzy gun squirt bottle), and checked out the menu.

I have to say, this is one of the most impressive menus I've seen. Breakfast and lunch items, plus at least 10 daily specials. And at least every other item is something I wanted to try. We all had quite the time deciding, and both Sarah and Melissa got help from the waitress with their decisions. Before we ordered our meals, though, we knew we had to try the famous grilled cheese -- is that not the most perfect appetizer?!? I admit, we were all a little leery of the honey, but would Oprah lie?!

Looks beautiful... Smells beautiful...

Ooey gooey on the inside...

But what would Ms. Picky Pants think?

I am happy to report that each of us fell in love with this delicious sandwich, and we all even agreed that the honey tasted good. The basil was also another odd but tasty addition. We gobbled it up before the waitress could even bring us plates.

After the grilled cheese, we found we were even hungrier. We couldn't have been happier when our entrees arrived -- everything looked amazing.

Sarah ordered the grilled portobello, ammoglio, and fresh mozzarella sandwich with a side of cous cous. She was very pleased.

PS. Apparently ammoglio is an Italian sauce with tons of garlic -- my kryptonite! But it came in this super cute little mini (for you, Lisa darling) pot.

Melissa ordered the pound cake French toast (yes, pound cake French toast!) with fresh berries.

I snagged a few bites of this and it was heavenly. Seriously. I adore French toast. In fact, I should make it more often. At least once a week. Or every day. That's healthy, right?

I struggled with my decision a bit, too. Pancakes with apple+pumpkin butter, French toast, two smoked salmon dishes, shrimp salad, tuna salad (I saw someone eating this on the way in and it looked super yum)... But once I saw the specials list, I was sold. Cheesy grits and shrimp on top of an English muffin, all topped with two fried eggs. Mmmmm. See how happy I am just looking at it?

I think you need a close-up.

Have you ever seen two more perfect eggs? Seriously. This was groan-out-loud good. I kind of want to eat it again right now. The grits were the perfect amount of cheesy, the perfect amount of moist (ew, did I just say moist?), and those eggs.... the eggs... So fluffy! I'm 100% completely and totally sold on Cafe Muse. And I can't wait to go back. Maybe football season ain't so bad. :)


Sara said...

Yum, I'm hungry. Wish I had time to make french toast!

Cute sweater btw!

Rachel said...

Moist is on my list of hated words! Hahaha. And yum. Looks delish!

Lady Lisa said...

Moist is on my list of hated words as well! As is panties. Ugh. Either way, those eggs do look fantastic. I had a poached egg on a ceasar salad with proscuitto wrapped breadsticks in Chicago that was to die for. I think people who don't like runny eggs are crazy!