11 September 2009

Creamsicle love.

I mentioned a while back that I've been busy knitting hats to donate. I've got a handful done so far, and today I got to give my first hat. An older woman that works with my mom has several different types of cancer. A year away from retirement, she is also about to lose her job with the department. Such a sad story, and, of course, when my mom asked if she could give her one of my hats, I had her pick out one she thought her friend would like best. I hope my creamsicle hat will at least give her a little smile during her hard times. Saying a little prayer for her.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Very sweet, Steph. A random kind act means so much and it is so easy. If only more people did these things on a regular basis, we'd all be a lot better off!
Nice work, cutie.