24 May 2008


Spring has sprung many interesting visitors into our yard, most notably my baby birds. Who, by the way, are all grown up! I didn't check in for a day or two -- the next thing I knew, they were birds. Last time I looked today, the nest was empty..... hopefully they were just out for a practice run. I'm not ready to be an empty nester yet.

I see you.

Less welcome is Mr. Snake, who has set up shop in our front yard. I don't care how irrational it is, I'm absolutely horrified of snakes. Horrified. Now, clearly, I know a garter snake is not going to hurt me. Nonetheless, the knowledge that it's in my yard, day after day, is terrifying. How did I find it, you ask? I nearly stepped on it, barefoot. So since Wednesday I've basically been avoiding the front part of our yard (where the dogs go out), making the dogs pee anywhere but there. I had all sorts of grand plans for yard work this weekend... alas, I'm too afraid to even consider kneeling in the grass over there. Brad took on that side today and discovered he's apparently living in our electric box!! Lovely.

I will eat you.

After finding Mr. Snake's home, and knowing he'd likely stay in "his" space, I figured it would be safe to do some cleaning up of our front garden today. Note: I encountered earthworms early on... and didn't freak out and give up! Go me! Luckily, roly polys don't bother me, so I was able to power through the barrage -- they were everywhere in our garden! Anyway, I'm quite pleased, as I can't stand all the messy mess right in the doorway. Now it is nice and neat.



Yard work is tiring.

Spring always gets me in a cooky mood, and I'm pleased to say I've cooked every day this week except for Friday. Monday I wanted to work in my in-season, local asparagus, and I'd also picked up some stir fry chicken (remember, I'm easing my way in.... I don't have to touch stir fry chicken at all to cook it!), so that was the basis for my plan. I also knew I wanted to use this chicken recipe I found in Under the Tuscan Sun, which I'm currently reading.

Super simple but sounded super tasty. The chicken and asparagus alone didn't seem super hearty, though, and I was too lazy to make rice. I'm not a salad person at all, but I had some fresh romaine and thought what the hell? Toss in some mushrooms, top with some shredded parm, and you've got a Tuscan chicken salad! And it was DELICIOUS.

There was leftover chicken, so the next day I threw together a yummy sandwich on some Zingerman's paesano bread, with some fresh Zing mozzarella, and it was just as delicious.

A final food note... I hit the Farmer's Market for the first time this year!! Lisa Z. picked me up bright and early, and we headed downtown in search of yummy treats. I didn't start going last year until everything was well into season, so it was definitely interesting -- LOTS of baked goods and flowers, asparagus (got some more), and, of course, the Zingerman's cheese booth (note: "Cheese Guy" is named Mike. Guess he got sick of me calling him "Hey! It's the cheese guy!" and introduced himself today). My tummy's been handling eggs better lately and I've been making a lot of sunny side up eggs for breakfast (mmmm), so I bought some local, happy eggs, as well as some pumpkin cookies, cherry pie bites, and mozzarella. It is very important to note that... da da da... we found... in... season... TOMATOES! I'm so happeeeeeee!

We finished our market date with a trip to the Zing deli, where I was lucky enough to experience Lisa's very first Zingerman's sandwich with her. As always, everything was delicious (have I used "delicious" 100 times in this post yet?) -- I got my usual, a small #77, Jimmy Wants Rosemary's Baby. Oil, mozzarella, tomato, and rosemary ham. YUM. Why oh why can't I have Zingerman's for lunch every day???? Sigh.

I'm so happy spring is here.

...minus the snake.


Sara said...

Sign up for One Local Summer with me already. It's just one local meal a week - post it on your blog once a week. With local cheese, veggies, fruit, and eggs you're all set! The deadline is tomorrow! http://farmtophilly.com/index.php/site/C21/ (scroll to second post and leave a comment that you're in).

And I'm so jealous...I almost made the horrendous drive to Copley Fri to go to the only farmer's market that's open yet. Maybe next week. Mine opens June 3!!!

Oh, and nice work on the yard, despite the snake. Your yard is alive and well!

queen b said...

sssssss...i'm comin' to get you, stephanie...ssssssss

Lady Lisa said...

okay, so um, did you eat your tomato's yet? For early in the season, they were FLIPPIN' righteous. I ate the rest of mine yesterday with tacos. I intended to save some for my lunch at work today; but no such luck. They were just too tasty. Wanna hit the Wednesday market during lunch with me this week?