09 May 2008

Moth love.

I just finished reading Prodigal Summer, which was perfect springtime reading. I must say first that I love love loved this book. At least as much as, perhaps even more than, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I keep describing it to people as the fiction counterpart to AVM... I think that's pretty accurate -- in PS, you get to read about the mountains BK lives in, her world, her values and beliefs, in a fictional setting, spung among three interconnected stories. I just really loved it. Anyway, PS is very nature-y, and Michigan is just gorgeous in the springtime, so I felt inspired to take in my surroundings -- since these things change so quickly this time of year.

Like tulips. How cruel to bring us such lovlieness.... to turn around and snatch it away from us in just a few short weeks... Either way, thanks, lady that lived in our house before us -- she didn't plant many flowers, but she did leave me a handful of tulips... Note: the beauty that is the green powerbox.

Two summers ago, the hornets built nests underneath our deck. My ass knows this all too well (stupid bee stings!!). This year, while I'm sure the bees are headed our way eventually, right now we have a much more pleasant visitor underneath -- a mama robin and her little eggs!

Mom's a smart cookie -- she built her nest in a spot that is impossible to get at, even for a photo. I have to get down on my hands and knees like a fool and stick my eye right up to the space in between the boards. Luckily, she hasn't pecked my eyes out yet. I better be more careful, now that I think of it! If you can believe it, neither Heidi nor George have even noticed our little friends. Even when they're standing right on top of them!!

Last week Brad installed (and painted to match!) a hardcore puppy gate, making the deck secure for the beasts. This means some extra running space for the maniacs, and, surprisingly, they BOTH love to sunbathe. So we've all spent a lot of time outside the past two weeks. I wish spring would never end. Sigh.

PS. Has anyone ever noticed that the murders on Dateline are always in Michigan? What the hell? Right now it's about the murder of a comic book store owner in Clinton Township in 1990. Michigan's gonna get a bad rap! Sheesh. Wait, did I say "gonna get"? ;)


the two of us said...

what a fun spring!! george is so cute!

Sara said...

hi George! :)