18 May 2008

Boogie and wag.

Another long, not-so-fun week... Culminated in an awesome weekend! Just the highlights because I've got a stack of new cookbooks from the library calling my name...

Friday night I hit boogie fever with book club -- our celebration of the end of The Artist's Way, ha ha! We had a fantastic time and I feel really lucky to be part of this amazing group of women. (And thanks to Ryan for joining us and for being a good sport as always.)

Saturday was Walk & Wag with Brad, Lisa, Heidi, George, and Macy. Who knew, but there's no "walk." It's more of a giganto doggie carnival, which I'm sure the dogs enjoy more anyway. Heidi nearly gave herself a heart attack on the walk in... soooooo excited, pooches and people everywhere! Everyone had a blast, we met lots of sweet pooches, and the event raised ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for HSHV!! Special thanks to everyone that sponsored us. Pooch smooches to you all.


PS. I bought asparagus today. MICHIGAN asparagus. My first in-season produce purchase of the year! WOOHOO! (....and I don't even really like asparagus. But you bet I'm gonna eat it and love it!)

PSS. The babies say hi! Chirp chirp!


Alison said...

I bought asparagus today too and I LOVE BOOGIE FEVER!!!

Rachel said...

Awesome work, pooches and humans!!!! And look at Macy smiling, thinking about all the animals she helped. So sweet!

Lady Lisa said...

so..........I noticed you're headed to Taste over the 4th? Have you been before? I'll be interested to hear all about it, and I'm supremely jealous!