10 May 2008


The babies hatched!!! I just went to take my daily peek, and I saw a teeeeeeeeny little body heave ho-ing, breathing a million miles a minute. Dammit I wish I had a better view. I can't wait until they start chirping!

Look closely for a peek at its little body...

Update, 3:30: I can't stop checking in on the babes. I just went over for one last peek before I come in for the afternoon.... and they're chirping! I can see their big alien eyes and their little tiny beaks just barely moving. I'm in love. :) Wait...... I can hear them now! All the way from inside! Awwwww!


Rachel said...

That baby needs a teeny weeny little sweater!!!! So sweet!!!! Chirp chirp.

Tracy said...

Good thing they are all tucked away in a raccoon-free world!!