22 May 2013

Rockin' Robin.

It seems lots of good things come in threes, as this month was also our third annual Garden + Dinner Girls' Night Out. It was last night, to be specific. After work, Liz, Ceile, Hillary, and I headed south to Sawyer and the Sawyer Garden Center to stock up on some spring plants. And after three years of practice, I actually had a pretty good game plan - I've experimented in the past, and I know what I'm good at: herbs and simple hanging plants. Normally I pick out flowers for our flower boxes out front, but we're getting the house painted in a few weeks, so we're going to take down the hooks and try things out flower box-less.... (not the easiest place to manage flowers anyway - I'd rather just plant some high bushes there and call it a day) Either way, I loved wandering the aisles, admiring all the pretty colors and occasionally stopping to smell the flowers.

Normally, we'd trek over to Stray Dog for fish tacos, but it burned down last summer and they haven't quite finished rebuilding it (next year!). We stuck with New Buffalo, though, and went to Bentwood and were lucky enough snag outside seating, right on the water in the marina. It was warm but not too hot and the sun was setting behind us. It was incredibly romantic.

This was an extra special trip because it could potentially be the last consecutive year we are all together for our annual trip, as our Ceile will be headed back to her home state of Illinois in the fall. We'll definitely be getting our fill of all things Ceile all summer!

We luv you, Ceile!

Back to the garden side of things, I mixed things up a little this year going with simple ferns for the front porch. Of course, inspired by New Orleans (we'll see you next week, Nola!). Mine aren't nearly as impressive, but I'm madly in love with the look.... and already wanting more. And more!

I also picked up my very first bird feeder. After an evening at Hillary's, watching all the beautiful birds outside her window (snacking on her neighbor's bird feeder), I knew I had to have one. And now I do.

I've been stalking it all night and have yet to catch a bird there. I told Hillary it was like hosting a party and waiting for your first guests to arrive. C'mon, birds! Sheesh! Definitely can't wait to see what other awesomeness this spring brings!


Birgles McGee said...

I"ve done bird feeders the last couple of years in different places and it usually takes a few days for the birds to catch on and realize it's there. Once they find it, they swarm constantly. :)

Stephanie said...

Ooo! Thanks for the tip, Birgy Birg!

Stephanie said...
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