05 May 2013

Cinco de d-i-y.

We finally had a beautiful, sunny, and warm weekend. And I wasn't sick. BUT Sara was, so she wasn't able to visit us as planned. AND Brad was, so he was operating at about 50% most of the weekend. But we stayed pretty productive and I, at least, enjoyed plenty of outside time. Including TWO morning (morning!!) runs with Hillary, outside, and I'm thrilled to report I'm up to just under 2 miles (purely by fact of route not that I couldn't make it the extra .2 miles we're under). I'm heading into next week sunburned, sore, and pooped, and I feel amazing.

Today was the first Antiques on the Bluff - and yes, I'll say it, it was MUCH anticipated. We're talking months here. After our run, Hillary and I both showered (separately!) then headed back to town, picking up Liz and Zoey then Ceile along the way. I'm surprised to report that I'm the only one that bought anything, but the booths were teeming with Pyrex - incredibly well-priced Pyrex at that. Look at my loot!

Let's discuss left to right.... A little creamer that I will use for syrup; I have two custard cups in this matching print. Two coffee cups because, well, I just wanted two and they match my other creamer-for-syrup cup and butter dish. One for me and one for whichever Pyrex-loving friend next comes for coffee! A perfect-condition small square casserole in a fairly rare print - I have a small bowl with it but these are the only times I've come across it. A giant casserole in a print I don't madly love but it has a lid and is huge and was EIGHT dollars. Front and center, we have Hillary's find, which I will make corn pudding in in her honor. All this for under $30.

I also picked up a small DIY project, now that I'm obsessed with spray painting, and with magazine racks. I even haggled for it, so I am pretty pleased with myself (it also made the perfect Jimmy John's purse for the walk home - thanks for carrying it, Hillary!).

Before - brass and sort-of black. I intended to spray it all black. But Brad had a suggestion...

...and I took it. And I'm glad!

As soon as she was dry, I found my new little friend a home. Can you see her peeking hello?

Why, hello, friend...

Meep meep!

To celebrate a beautiful, however Sara-lacking (boo!) weekend, we channeled our inner Mexican and celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some taco pizza, spicy creamed corn (breaking in new Pyrex!), and margaritas (really half marg mix, half lime fizzy water - the perfect mix to cut the sugar sweet).


Here's hoping everyone had a great weekend, too, and that this is the first of many sun-, fun-, and friend-filled weekends to come this year.


Stephanie said...
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Melissa said...

I love the magazine rack! And you must fill me in on how to make this taco pizza - like very soon!