19 May 2013

Golf still sux.

All the final details are in place and the Churchy Beach B&B is officially open for business. Just in time because...

This week the Third Annual Golf Sux Weekend was finally upon us! Sans 1/3 of our trio, sadly, but the duo whooped it up extra for a beautiful girls' weekend.

Food, drinks, at-home spa time, beach, and girly movies and TV ensued -

*Note... ensuing here was some deliciousness by way of a Michigan wild ramp and mushroom tart with goat cheese and cream. It was a revelation. And I also got to introduce Kristal to my new favorite, Neapolitan Milk Stout. Yum.

...with some furry little friends in the mix, too.

Oh yeah, and I (accidentally) dumped egg hair treatment right on Kristal's face. Splat.

I dare say it was a pretty perfect weekend and I'm already looking forward to next year! Minus the whole, you know, dumping egg on Kristal's face bit. I'll focus on the pouring not the photo taking next time, I promise. ;) But it was pretty damn funny. Till next year, ladies. xo

Addendum - How could I forget? My favorite part of the weekend was going on a run together. Kristal has been on an inspiring journey these past few years, and this weekend last year she ran her first double-digit run ever (she's since run several 5k and 10k races and is training for her second half marathon right now), around our town and the lake. This year, I was able to run with her - my longest outdoor run yet at almost 2.5 miles. It was great to be doing it together.... and I didn't even pass out!

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KayBee said...

You are simply adorable. Good times, good times. I'm glad you didn't post that I peed my pants laughing from you dumping said egg in face. Opps! Now the world knows....damn!!